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Chrystal and Agate lost in a sea of seaf


Art & Fabrics to bring the outside in...

Find a deep connection to lush materials and sensorial experiences to ground yourself into the now.
Invite new concepts and natural materials to your world, into your home to help you create a peaceful safe environment where you can mind travel over imaginary borders of textiles and textures. From handmade driftwood uniquely inspired tapestries to soft 100% organic cotton Turkish towels surround yourself with nature and art and master mindfulness.

Dominique 's work can be seen at *Rana Nader Yoga Boutique Laguna Beach CA & *Sarafin Art Gallery Huntington Beach CA

If you wish to purchase linens, throws, bed covers please visit the SHOP button.


To inquire about the availability of the tapestries,  please contact Dominique 949-229-0592. Because every piece is unique and can not be duplicated, inventory varies.

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